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This project came as a response for two very visceral needs. First came the need to give a structure and an open contour to our daily magical encounters, our inspirations, our muses. Second, there was the need to share. Therefore, we met the imminence of a wall, a virtual white canvas to exhibit the process of connecting the dots.
We are always in search of the essence of things and analogy is our favorite tool. It works as an invisible thread that ties together pieces of an enormous universal puzzle that everyday life offers us as its golden and sometimes well hidden messages. And we feel that more and more, our senses intensify their sharpness, that the thread builds structural knots...and that the messages get clearer just as if a magic cloud sweeper would be responsible with unveiling, step by step, divine manifestoes.

Therefore, this is the wall of all these universal wonders, as they will always keep us wonder-ing if this is real...

Anca Cioarec I Brîndușa Tudor