Romanian Pavilion Tokyo 2011 competition entry

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  Architecture will give itself up in 2050. There will be no such discipline or profession. We will have finished by then the process of melting with other scientific, social or artistic domains and the result will be the birth of Hybrid Laboratories.

*HL will be platforms sustaining the emergency of specific forces as responses to specific situations.
*HL will be states of potentiality, incubators ready to foster the vectors of action.
*HL will create operational grids wtih flexible structure that will have a permeable limit, allowing programmed or spontaneous change.
*HL will enhance the virtual infrastructure for a wide diversity of work systems which will generate different types of inter-relations and force-vector negotiations. A variety of approaches and visions.
*HL will be the cell able to foster both the space of formation for future practicants of different new fields and the host for the practice itself of the mature hybrid teams and worksystems.
We propose the institute of  hybridization. We imagine every present entity, with its clear identity – school or office of architecture, for example, dis-placing some of their own structural bones and meeting half way with other specific fields of formation or practice on a platform in order to recalibrate itself and to create superior knowlegdes, wider, more diverse and more flexible in their potential response.

 Our idea doesn't need any physical representation. Hybrid Laboratories are a new philosophy regarding work systems, work vectors and the lack of professional identity as a segregation and a narcissist state.
That is why our pavilion will not use any physical support more than just a printed code. We will use a QR (quick response) bidimensional code in order to enter a virtual address that will provide the written decalogue. Augmented reality is a phenomena that best supports  our need for dissemination.
We will only provide 700 postcards with the code as the front image. This way we will make a link between the traditional way of communication: the post, and the future virtual way: the QR codes which lead to virtual realities.
Our postcard can travel and disseminate the decalogue using both physical and virtual means, a superposition of strata of meanings.
This way, we will sustain the lack of use of any physical representation of the decalogue and an invitation to explore the proposals for the world that is not here yet. Our pavilion is a platform of meeting moreover than a physical represented architecture.


  1. FLEXIBILITY - seen as a state of disponibility, openness to non-standard situations, in extremis-for catastrophes, or commun quotidian diversity. A manner of waiting vectors, of superior conscienceness capable of containing new data; being attentive and receptive. Embracing change, potential movements and virtual evolution. The new formula should enhance its indetermination.

  1. COURAGE - the optimistic way of accepting challenges, of making decisions; the unrestained force of responding to stimulus; the eagerness to play. It is a generative generosity. It takes courage to accept hybridization.

  1. RESONANCE - when stimulus does come, we enter their frequencies, we live their rhythms. We synchronise by appropriating the proposed rules. It is a process of symbiosis. It is the ability to lose oneself for moments without losing awakeness. Hybrid entities are only born after the resonance.

  1. FORESEEING - understanding, imagining futures. Proposing strategies. Estimating next steps. Open scenarios.

  1. HYBRIDIZATION - interchange, transfusion; a state of dynamic superposition of systems of thoughts, of disciplines, of information. The bone structure of the new lab. Every vector of different scale, language, domain finds its place by sacrificing bits of identity for the sake of the new whole. It’s a strategic melting. Transdiciplinarity is already here. But as an exceptional happening. We should embrace it and create the proper support for it to become a common process.

  1. EFFICIENCY THROUGH SINERGY - it is obvious that after reaching the point of enabling hybrid systems to opperate, they will be far more efficient than any traditional model. It is the superposition of layers of knowledge and action that leads to an enormous economy of resources.

  1. ACTION - understanding processes, comprehending phenomena and following algorithms. Strategy is the key word. Systems of actions. The new architecture is the architecture of systems of strategies. Every field is empowered to claim its part and to build along the future environment. Hybrid teams will focus on evolutionary action.

  1. NON-PERMANENCY – we radically propose a new philosophy of conceiving environment. The inflated sensation of building for eternity gave the architect the Pygmalion mith disease, instead of awaking the responsability of creating a heritage for next generations. This is why we propose learning to create ephemerally. The lack of permanence will call the need for enhancing the end in the process of creation. We will accept impermanence. Cycles. Immortality is an egocentric desire. It is imature. Evolution comes after change. Containing and creating potentiality for transformations is our goal. We will learn from all the experiences of emergency interventions and we will generate a model of thinking about our role in order to cure the stardom sickness and all unbalanced positions.

  1. HOLISM - hybrid laboratories will generate holistic languages. They will seek for non-coded expressions. There is a nonreductable core specific to every field and that is universal. Hybridizations will force the melting and the research of the universal. Their goal is not to create a permanently growing complexity wich can produce mass anesthesia, but to find means or bridges that are not self consuming.

  1.  INDISCIPLINE - we must never rest in a formula. We will permanently foster innovative, outlined, nonstandard proposals. In the present, transdisciplinarity is the indiscipline and we want it to become a discipline. But discipline itself should become a more lax term. It should accept its permeability and its future stages permiting indiscipline to provoke its death and recall its cycles.

© stardust architects*